Welcome readers to Matthew Mayner’s new blog.  I am an aspiring science fiction and fantasy writer.

I love to write stories that involve explosions, spaceships, alternate history, guns, aliens that don’t speak English, giant flying birds, ninjas, flintlock weapons, magic, romance, black powder bombs, zombies, dogs, zombie dogs, regular Joe heroes, robots, cyborgs, old ladies that kick butt, telepathy, ninjas with guns, lazy demons, goblin heroes, monsters, guns, humor, and I occasionally break the fourth wall.

Phew, all of those elements may not be in every story but I like to cram as much awesome in as possible.  Will anyone ever call my writing literary?  Heck no, but I’m okay with that.

Kick off your shoes and stay a while.

(I know this blog is rather sparse on content right now.  I’ll be posting sample chapters from some of my novels and a few complete short stories… in a while.)


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