Disaster in Japan

The people in Japan are suffering from a horrible disaster.  An earthquake, tsunami, and possible reactor meltdown. Thankfully Godzilla is nowhere to be found.

A lot has already been said about the destruction, and I don’t want to rehash the blow by blow events. That’s the job, done poorly, by news outlets.

No I actually want to talk about the human aspect of a disaster.  When a crisis strikes the first thing people ask is something along the lines of, “Where are my kids?”

When the earth stops shaking and the water recedes what really matters is ones family. Are my brothers, children, mother, and friends alright?

Homes can be rebuilt, cars can be bought, but our loved ones can never be replaced.

It’s sad that sometimes it takes massive destruction for people to realize what’s really important in their life.  If I was separated from my family during a crisis you can bet I’d do everything in my power to reach them.

Take a moment now and think of everyone in your life that you love.

Now thank whatever deity you worship that they are safe.

Unfortunately thousands of our fellow brothers and sisters in Japan can not say the same. Take the time today to send some good thoughts and or prayers their way.


One Response to Disaster in Japan

  1. Mad-Media says:

    I agree, the media is already focusing on the loss of material things like newly-made cars damaged by tsunami and the effect on the stock exchange when there are still people lying buried under rubble and possibly still alive.

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