New Writing Project, Alone: Psi-Mage

I just checked out my blog and realized it had been a while since I posted anything. How embarrassing. I really need to get my stuff in order. Anyway between writing short stories and submitting them a couple of different places I’ve started a new writing project.

Alone: Psi-Mage (Working Title)

What is Alone: Psi-Mage you may ask? Well it’s an end of the world as we know it kind of story caused by aliens. I know, I know it’s been done sixty bazillion times. But I think I’ve got a few interesting twists in the story to keep people coming back. First I wipe out 99.999% of the worlds population in the first five minutes.

I know, you’re probably yawning right about know and going to say, “But Matt that’s been done seventy bazillion times!”

Hear me out, I’m not using zombies, plagues, nukes, or earth shattering Death Staresque weapons to do it. Yes the aliens are at fault here but even their commander is a bit leery of wiping out billions of sentient creatures.

Anyway what’s the “Psi-Mage” stuff you ask?

Well the main character, Sarah a young woman, right now I’ve got her age set at about thirteen. Incidentally this makes me worry that some people might throw my book onto YA shelves. Maybe that’s a good thing, but most YA books don’t have as many explosions, gruesome deaths, and monsters in them. I might have to make Sarah older to combat this, but that’s something I really don’t want to do because the image of a blond young girl slinging an M1 Carbine while a telepathic cat like alien monkey rides on her shoulder is just too much fun.

Now THAT hasn’t been done eighty bazillion times.

Anyway I’ll be writing this book a bit differently than others in the past. I won’t be posting this up chapter by chapter on my blog. Sorry.

Wait before you sharpen the pitchforks listen. I am going to release it chapter by chapter though an email list to a select group of Alpha readers. To become a member of this highly prestigious club all you have to do is shoot me an email and agree to a couple of minor terms and conditions. Like not posting what I send you up online and a couple of other minor things.

Anyway if anyone out there in reader land wants in on a piece of Alpha reader action feel free to shoot me an email.

mkmayner -at- gmail -dot- com

Sorry about the cryptic method of putting my email out there, I get too much spam as it is.


Matthew Mayner


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  1. […] also going to handle the distribution of the book a bit differently. See this blog post, for more details on how to become an Alpha […]

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