Women in the Workplace

I drive to work in a truck with an old school, American made, V8 engine.

What does this have to do with “Women in the Workplace?”


Well almost nothing.

I drive a V8 powered, gasoline sucking, pickup truck because I can, this is America, and I love to thumb my nose at the Hybrid car driving, granola eating, self-righteous watermelons out there.

I plan on idling BOTH of my American made V8 powered vehicles in my driveway on Earth-Day just because I can. 😀

That’s right, my wife also drives a nasty V8 powered earth destroying vehicle!


But Matt what does all that have to do with women in the workplace?

Like I said earlier… nothing… well mostly nothing.

I was listening to a radio station this morning and the hosts, a man and a woman, were talking about women’s liberation, voting, feminism etc.

They got on the topic of women going to work.

The female host said something along the lines of this. “Women went to work because men weren’t cutting it! They weren’t bringing home enough bacon!”

Excuse me?

Hold the phone!

Please, do we know nothing of history?

So I shot her a respectful email trying to explain why and when women first began working outside the home in large numbers.

Morning Show Hostess,

I’d just like to comment about why women began entering the workforce in large numbers. It wasn’t because men weren’t “bringing home enough bacon.”

The men just happened to be a little bit busy killing Nazis.

“Rosie the Riveter” changed the employment demographics forever in America.


Is this a bad thing?

Yes and No.

In my opinion it’s unfortunate that so many women these days pay others to raise their children.

Love the show,

Matthew Mayner

After composing that short email I figured I could write a blog post about it.

I know by this point there will probably be plenty of readers who are pissed that I have the gall to A) insult Earth-Day and B) even talk about women in the workplace.

Let me put things into perspective here for a moment.

My wife has a bachelor’s degree but she stays home to raise our children. Could she have gone on to get a masters or PHD? Sure but at what cost? As it was she had to finish two semesters of upper division, 400 level, classes while we juggled small children.

Do we need more women with degrees? Or more full time mothers? Is my wife any less of a woman for taking care of our kids rather than working in an office and paying some “child care professional” to raise our kids?


Not just no, but HELL NO!

In my opinion she’s doing more for society than the woman wearing a pantsuit. While the high paid executive may be closing deals, taking care of personnel issues, or designing the latest widgets, my wife at home and millions of women like her are doing something more important.

They are rearing the next generation.

Is any amount of power, money or prestige worth losing so much time with your children?

No other success can compensate for failure in the home.

-David O. McKay

Am I saying that women who work will all have drug addict, murderers for children?


What I am saying is that with such an emphasis on “success” outside the home, many women these days seem to ignore “success” in the home.

I work with a woman who is allowed to bring her baby to work. I for the most part think this is a good thing, because the infant gets to have her mother, instead of a relative or child care worker. But it’s also a bad thing. I don’t go to work so I can listen to a baby cry. If I wanted that I’d have gone into child care. I have three kids so I’ve heard my fair share of crying babies.

When a baby cries I can’t help but feel the need to give comfort to the child. Once while I was sitting at my desk the baby began crying in earnest. As if she was saying “Somebody pick me up NOW!”

I tried to ignore it and continue to do my job but quickly found work impossible.

I got up and peeked in her office. The mother was nowhere to be found. So I picked up the baby in her car seat and began rocking her. She quieted down so I brought her to my desk and tried to work while gently rocking the baby.

Needless to say I didn’t get much done.

A while later momma showed back up from wherever she had gone to and did a double take when she saw her baby at my desk. I quickly explained what happened and why I had to act. That I am a father and cannot listen to a baby cry without it tugging at my heart strings.

She took the child and thanked me but I felt like she wanted to say, “How dare you!”

I shrugged and went back to work.

Now I know what some people out there may be thinking.

“This Matthew Mayner guy is a Neanderthal!”

Guess what… you’re right!

I’m a Neanderthal and proud of it!

If you’ve made it this far in the blog post and think I’m full of crap please tell me WHY you think my POSITION and ARGUMENT is full of crap in the comments. If you can’t refute my argument and simply resort to name calling, and Ad hominem attacks. That’s just fine. I have a delete key!


I also know there are going to be people who think I’m a misogynist.

There we go with the name calling again. ;-P

I don’t hate women, I worship the ground my wife walks on. I love my mother, my sisters, and am friends with most of the women in the office.

I think it’s great when women excel, but I also think it’s unfortunate when they sacrifice so much to get there.

I’ve talked to several women who had their first child at 30 something, instead of 20 something. They usually kept their families small to be able to “provide” for them.

Some people don’t understand that there’s more to providing for children then giving them material possessions. Children want time, they want love. They want to be able to climb up on your lap and have you read them stories about frogs, bears, and princesses.

So what If I live in a small house, drive older vehicles and buy my kids clothes from a “discount store?”

We’ve made the decision as a family to put our children first and make a few sacrifices. Would I like to have more toys, a bigger house and brand spanking new cars? Hell yes I would. Is my wife willing to go to work and dump our kids in some daycare to do it?


Maybe someday if I sell a crapload of books I’ll be able to do all those things, quit my day job and have more time with my kids. That would be awesome. But for right now we’ve made the decision to live within our means and provide the kind of life our children deserve.

If that makes us Mister and Misses Neanderthal so be it.

So what about the V8 powered vehicles?

I’m sure women helped design and build them.

So I guess that makes me a hypocrite. 😉


The radio morning show hostess emailed me back! 😀

Hi Matthew!

I LOVE it. Thank you so much for emailing. “A little bit busy killing the Nazis…” well – can’t argue with that! =) That made me laugh…it was awesome and you’re so right. Thank you for including the Wiki. I’m such a sucker for Wiki, I go there every day and read the featured article of the day. I know more about random island countries than one person should ever know.

Thanks again for listening! We really appreciate it and please feel free to email anytime!

Have a fabulous day –
[Signed Morning Radio Hostess]

Well that was kinda cool. I was surprised at her positive reaction to my email. 🙂


3 Responses to Women in the Workplace

  1. Raptor says:

    Amen, Mr. Mayner. Amen.

  2. You’ll get no argument from me. In fact, you’d probably be a great candidate to guest post on a blog that I’ve been meaning to set up for some time now. The theme is men’s liberation.

  3. Larry says:

    The sad thing is that most women who work end up forking most of their paycheck over to day care. Those who say a single-worker family can’t make it these days very likely hasn’t ever considered the cost of day care, another vehicle to maintain, gas for two cars, and the list goes on. A single-worker family can make it just fine provided that single worker isn’t an 18 year old HS dropout burger flipper working a minimum wage job and they are willing to sacrifice some of the fun things now so they can provide.
    If Mom wants to work to stave off boredom when the kids start school more power to her, but don’t say she has to in order to make ends meet. ‘Tisn’t true. I managed to provide just fine on Navy pay, thankyouverymuch, and the wife didn’t work unless she wanted to.
    And for UrfDay I drove my 412hp V-8 powered Mustang to the hospital 15 miles away to meet my new grandson, and it was good. 😀

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