I’m Still Here, Chapter 8 Info and Osama.

Chapter 8 should be out sometime later this week. It’s just been a crazy week with little sanity.

In other news there are people out there who doubt Osama is dead.

Please, please come on people. If Osama wasn’t dead do you think he and his pals wouldn’t send a quick video to Al Jazeera, to make Obama look like a fool?

All he would have to say is, “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. The stupid lying president of the Great Satan, says he killed me. Hah, foolish Americans on May First 2011, he lied to you about killing me. In response to him and all of you, I say, Allah Akbar!”

Since this hasn’t happened I guarantee you Osama is dead, he’s fish-food.


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