New Short Story: Battlefield Pickup

All Alpha Readers should have received an email with the new short story.

I think this one is good to go to Writers of the Future.

Here’s an excerpt.

Specialist Harrison felt horrible. His head pounded like his first morning on Libertaria during spring break. He opened his eyes and stared at the inside of his broken visor. Light was peeking through the shattered alloyglass. He reached up and unhooked his helmet and pulled it off. One look told him the communications net had been destroyed by whatever vile TipKee weapon had hit him.

He could breathe again! Though after his first breath he almost wished he couldn’t. The stench of death hung heavy in the air. The smell of dead humans mixed in with the sickly sweet smells of the rotting TipKee. The bright light from the low hanging red dwarf stung his eyes. Harrison couldn’t even remember the name of the rock they were fighting on.
Far off in the distance he heard sporadic rail gun fire. Thankfully, no one was shooting at him, at least for the moment.

Hearing the reports from the weapons made him realize he should probably check his own rail carbine. He discovered the M61A3 was still attached to his single point sling. He pulled it up, dropped the quad stack magazine and pulled the charging handle back. It wouldn’t budge. He sat up and tried again, bracing the butt of the weapon against a chunk of black lava rock. It didn’t matter how hard he tried his weapon it was seized up tight. He flipped it over and saw a large piece of shrapnel embedded into the receiver.

As an enlisted soldier in the Republic Expeditionary Forces, the REF, he hadn’t been issued a sidearm. He cursed as he disconnected the weapon from the sling and tossed it aside. He would need a weapon if he was going to make it back to his unit alive…

If you would like the rest shoot me an email to join Reader Force Alpha.

mkmayner -at- gmail -dot- com

Thanks for stopping by.


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