Phew We’re Still Here :-P

Apparently Mr. Camping was off with his math again. 😀

I find it so hilarious when guys like him make end of the world predictions. Seriously do they not even think about what could happen when they get the prediction wrong? What’s sad is how many hits I got on my post about the end of the world the other day.

Look at some of the web searches that brought people to my site.

Is the world spposed to end tonight at may 20th 2011.

I’m not sure what spposed is supposed to be but I suppose since they found a blog entry on the end of the world it worked.

Is tomorrow gonna be the end of the world

I don’t know but I was gonna have me a darn swell party. 😀

Guess what people? Doing math on the Bible ISN’T going to let you in on the secrets of the universe. I hate to break it to you, but real life isn’t a Dan Brown novel. Jesus is going to come back when the father tells him to, not because some sooper sekrit code in the Bible says so.

Anyway I’m going to enjoy the world not ending and continue to write fiction because, well it’s become a passion for me. Now where did I put my latest copy of Psi-Mage…

Oh I also wrote another piece of short fiction that I plan on sending to Writers of the Future. Alpha Readers stay tuned to your inbox soon for “Battlefield Pickup.”


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