Hard Magic Book Review

Sunday I finished Hard Magic by Larry Corriea. The author of the New York Times best selling , Monster Hunter International series.

I didn’t know they sold deep fried awesome!

Hard Magic

Hard Magic is an action packed 1930’s alternate history pulp novel with gangsters, magic, ninjas, and dirigibles! How awesome is that? Jake Sullivan, is an ex-con, and a veteran of World War One. Except in this timeline the Kaiser had a few Necromancers on the payroll. As soon as his soldiers were killed they were raised from the dead and sent back into the fight.

Sullivan is a Heavy, though he prefers the term, “Gravity Spiker.” He can alter the pull and direction of gravity, which can lead to making his enemies fall up, turning his body as dense as a rock, or just straight up squishing the bad guys.

Faye is a young Okie farm-girl who’s family sells her as they’re running away from the dust-bowl. Fortunately they sell her to a man who also shares her power of teleportation. They’re called travelers and they’re some of the rarest forms of Actives, people who have magical abilities, because they usually end up teleporting themselves into something before they figure out how to control their magic. Faye became my favorite character, she learns how to seriously kick butt, and she does!

The list of awe inspiring powers goes on and on, Torch, Cog, Crackler, Healer, Brute, Fade etc. Each of the powers is weaved into the story each filling a part of the greater power. Unlike most “urban” fantasies this one has everyone out in the open. People take for granted the fact that there’s magic in the world. Some people embrace it, others fear it. And the bad guys, well they obviously want to use it to control the world.

I almost forgot to mention the Dirigible pirates, Tesla super weapons, John Moses Browning, and General Black Jack Pershing, are all in this book. I don’t know how he managed to cram so much awesome into one book but he did. Also firearms play an important roles in the the book. Because sometimes it’s just easier to shoot the summoned demon with your Thompson Sub Machine Gun or Browning Automatic Rifle than go toe to toe with him magically.

So if you like depression era private eye stories, awesome fight scenes, historical fiction, fantasy, and shootouts then pick up Hard Magic yesterday because this book has something in it for you. Just don’t forget to fasten your seat-belt before your start reading. 😉


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