Monster Hunter Alpha Book Review

Copper Lake Michigan, the middle of nowhere on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

All was quiet and peaceful until the Alpha (psst he’s the bad guy) found what had been hidden a mile beneath the surface for sixty years. Earl Harbinger, veteran Monster Hunter and all around bad ass strolls into town, along with a couple of government goons, some mercenary monster hunters and a Russian Werewolf.

Things are going to get messy.

Those big things with the metal claws? Yeah they are as bad as they look.

The bullets and fur fly as Earl ends up in the middle of a massive pack of zombie werewolves hell bent on taking the entire town. The snow is stained red as the body count climbs faster than the interest rate on a college students delinquent credit card.

Along the way Earl bumps into a redheaded cop named Heather who isn’t about to let some measly werewolves destroy her town. Not if she’s still got a shotgun and an attitude to back it up.

Did I mention the Russian Werewolf? He’s not exactly an old friend, but he is trying to reconnect with Earl, just at a few thousand feet per second.

When facing monsters if at first you don’t succeed, get a bigger gun. Well Earl Brings one. A Carl Gustov 84 millimeter anti-tank weapon!

It's a really big gun.

Yes he does shoot monsters with it! Why? Well because Earl only has two rules for monsters to follow.

1. Leave Humans alone.

2. Stay off my bad side.

Yep you guessed it. Some monsters kinda broke both the ever living hell out of those rules.

I’m not sure how but the Monster Hunter series just keeps getting better. I found myself turning pages at two in the morning saying, “Just one more chapter.” And if you love action, and monster killing, you will too.

Pick up Monster Hunter Alpha today, or Earl will kill a kitten.

He probably won’t but why take the chance?


One Response to Monster Hunter Alpha Book Review

  1. Larry says:

    I will never look at the humble snowblower quite the same way again.

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