Readers, you probably already know that this blog isn’t a political blog, it’s a blog where I share some of my fiction and occasional opinions with you.

Well I heard about on the radio and just had to share.

It doesn’t take a genius if you read my stories to figure out I’m a conservative man. I like stories about regular people taking up arms to defend themselves. So it may be obvious to you that I am no fan of Obama.

So what is, well its a little website where you can go and tell Obama about people being mean to him. That’s right. If someone says something bad about him you can get on the website and let them know. Now before you Obama supporters get all uppity and say, oh well maybe this website was just setup by people who support the 44th president. Fans is you will.

Nope. Right on the bottom of the website it says…

Copyright © 2011 by Obama for America

It’s also linked from

And a simple whois search tells us…

Administrative Contact:
Admin, Domain
Obama for America
233 N Michigan
Chicago, Illinois 60601
United States

So yup the president is feeling insecure, and he needs your help to let him, or his staff, know when someone complains about his lack of experience, his bowing to foreign leaders, or Marxist ideology. It’s like twitter for tattle tails.

So what happens when you click on “Report an attack”?

Well you’re greeted by this little form.

Spy on your neighbors for the President

So let’s take a look at some of the options in the “Attack Type” drop down box shall we?

TV Interview
Public Statement
Forwarded Email
Video Ad
Radio Ad

So let me get this straight Mr. President, you are paying people, taxpayer dollars, or campaign contributions, to create and run your little website for people to get on and say. “Teacher teacher, Timmy says you’re a poo poo head!”

Come on Mr. President if I were you I’d fire the idiot who came up with this idiotic idea. Actually if I were you I’d probably think it was an awesome idea and promote the mail room boy who came up with this to the Minister of Truth.

With all due respect this smacks of the Hitler Youth being told to spy on their parents. Hey I’m not one to invoke Godwin’s Law but man I don’t see how I couldn’t make that comparison. It’s so blatant. The president’s men are encouraging people to report any dissenting opinions.

All thought criminals must be reported to the Inner Party!


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