The Crimson Pact

February 20, 2012

I’m submitting a short story, entitled, “Contagion Research” to this anthology. As you can probably guess it’s in the Elementary of the Dead universe.

It’s about a nurse at the titular Contagion Research facility who gets pulled in to draw a demons blood. Yeah things don’t go so well.

Anyway The Crimson Pact is worth checking out. It’s an anthology about multiverse hopping demons who leave death and suffering in their wake. Yeah it’s pretty intense. Larry Corriea has one short story in both volume 1 and 2. So yeah its awesome.


Elementary of the dead: chapter 4

October 2, 2011

Hello gang,

Sorry about the delay with this next chapter of Elementary of the Dead. Things have been hectic around chateau Mayner. I had to scramble to get something ready for the next quarter of Writers of the Future. Which ended on September 30th.

If you are an aspiring genre fiction writer you need to do yourself a favor and submit work to the writers of the Future. Seriously a lot of established writers got their start from the contest.

Anyway without further ado I present the latest chapter of Elementary of the Dead: Chapter 4.

Things get a little bumpy.


Writers of the Future Honerable Mention!

September 19, 2011

I am so stoked I can finally tell you guys about this. I submitted a SCI-FI story to Writers of the Future and received an honorable mention!

Honorable Mentions:

Matthew Mayner of Idaho

This is the coolest thing that has happened in my writing career so far.

I know this isn’t just a “thanks for submitting” award, because my first story that I submitted didn’t get one.

They’re going to send me a certificate in the mail and everything. Sweet!

I know it’s not the same as winning but if my story “Battlefield Pickup” was trash I know I wouldn’t have gotten an honorable mention.

So without further ado, here’s “Battlefield Pickup.”

Elementary of the Dead: Chapter 3

September 14, 2011


Elementary of the Dead Chapter 2

September 8, 2011

If you’ve been looking for another chapter in the epic zombie world saga “Elementary of the Dead” look no further. In this installment you’ll find something more dangerous than zombies. 😉


Elementary of the Dead Chapter 2

New Short Fiction: Elementary of the Dead

August 31, 2011

Elementary of the Dead is a short story that starts three years after a world wide outbreak. Mrs. Kate Morris a young redhead is the first grade teacher at William Jefferson Clinton Elementary (Yes the name is intentional, it adds to the irony.)

As is required of all school employees Mrs. Morris open carries a Glock 22 and has a Sig 556 leaning up in the corner.

The students learn their ABC’s of survival. “A” being ammunition.

The school also has snipers on the payroll and Mrs. Morris has taken a liking to one.

Today the walls get breached and the horde makes it onto the school grounds but they’re not here to play.

I have to say this pic kinda inspired me.

Went Camping and Writers of the Future

June 13, 2011

I went camping this weekend so there won’t be any updates just yet.

Boo, hiss!

Hey take it easy. I do have good news. I should be submitting my second story to the Writers of the Future contest soon. This one is called “Battlefield Pickup.” On a war torn rock a young Specialist separated from his unit wakes up to find his weapon damaged beyond repair. Picking up a dead enemies weapon he soon discovers the secret to their success.

Wish me luck.