Book Review: Partials by Dan Wells

April 9, 2012

Dan Wells, author of the I Am Not a Serial Killer series takes a leap out of the horror genre and into post apocalyptic sci-fi.

Partials tells the story of Kira, a teenage medical intern in the Maternity ward where every child dies shortly after birth. Killed by the insidious virus RM. She’s sick of seeing the children die, and knows humans will go extinct if they cant reproduce. It’s been eleven years since a baby survived. To make matters worse the thinly veiled totalitarian government, forces all young women to get pregnant as often as possible, hoping that somehow a child will be born immune.

Kira desperately wants to find a cure for RM, but the finest minds of the forty thousand remaining humans on the planet haven’t been able to find one, so how can she?

They’ve looked everywhere for a cure except for in the blood of their most hated enemies. The Partials. Genetically engineered living weapons who all but annihilated the human race by releasing the RM virus. No-one has seen a Partial since the war and now Kira wants to cross over to the mainland from Long Island and find one without getting everyone in her group killed, or restarting the Partial war and exterminating the last survivors of the human race.

I enjoyed Partials. It had adventure, excitement, romance, and gun-battles. I found myself looking up at the clock and saying, “Three AM? How did that happen?”

The only real problem I had with Partials wasn’t really Dan Wells fault. His action scenes are actually pretty good and he’s got a lot of them in Partials. Unfortunately the book I happened to read just before Partials was Dead Six, by Larry Corriea and Mike Kupari. Both of whom are serious gun nuts, Larry used to be a firearms instructor and gunseller, and Mike defuses IED’s so it would be hard for anyone to compare with them in the action department.

I just kept wishing for a tiny bit more gun details. Heck the book takes place about sixty years in the future, so there was plenty of opportunity for some nifty gun stuff. Unfortunately every gun in the book was either a rifle, shotgun or pistol. That was the entire description of the weaponry. Oh well, Dan’s not a gun geek, but his writing makes up for it in plenty of areas. The characters are great, the world is detailed, and the plot had several, “holy crap!” plot twists. So yeah, Partials is a definite buy.