Elementary of the Dead Chapter 2

September 8, 2011

If you’ve been looking for another chapter in the epic zombie world saga “Elementary of the Dead” look no further. In this installment you’ll find something more dangerous than zombies. πŸ˜‰


Elementary of the Dead Chapter 2


New Short Fiction: Elementary of the Dead

August 31, 2011

Elementary of the Dead is a short story that starts three years after a world wide outbreak. Mrs. Kate Morris a young redhead is the first grade teacher at William Jefferson Clinton Elementary (Yes the name is intentional, it adds to the irony.)

As is required of all school employees Mrs. Morris open carries a Glock 22 and has a Sig 556 leaning up in the corner.

The students learn their ABC’s of survival. “A” being ammunition.

The school also has snipers on the payroll and Mrs. Morris has taken a liking to one.

Today the walls get breached and the horde makes it onto the school grounds but they’re not here to play.

I have to say this pic kinda inspired me.

Still Here

July 24, 2011

Hey guys, I’m still here. I’ve just been busy. I think I’ve hit a roadblock with Alone: Psi-Mage. It’s okay, now that I understand how my “Writers Cycle” works I think I know how to deal with it.

I’ve been molling over a short story idea now for a few days. The tentative title is “Military Working Humanoid.”

I’m not going to say anything more than that other than it’ll be a sci-fi story with the protagonist as one of the a fore mentioned “Humanoids.”

I’ve got some ideas but it’s still a bit rough. I guess we’ll see when I start typing.

Chapter 10 Should Be In Your Inbox

May 31, 2011

If you’re an Alpha reader that is. πŸ˜‰

Thanks guys for all your help.

In other news I’m reworking Battlefield Pickup, and should be submitting it to the Writers of the Future contest.

I hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend. I sure did.



New Short Story: Battlefield Pickup

May 23, 2011

All Alpha Readers should have received an email with the new short story.

I think this one is good to go to Writers of the Future.

Here’s an excerpt.

Specialist Harrison felt horrible. His head pounded like his first morning on Libertaria during spring break. He opened his eyes and stared at the inside of his broken visor. Light was peeking through the shattered alloyglass. He reached up and unhooked his helmet and pulled it off. One look told him the communications net had been destroyed by whatever vile TipKee weapon had hit him.

He could breathe again! Though after his first breath he almost wished he couldn’t. The stench of death hung heavy in the air. The smell of dead humans mixed in with the sickly sweet smells of the rotting TipKee. The bright light from the low hanging red dwarf stung his eyes. Harrison couldn’t even remember the name of the rock they were fighting on.
Far off in the distance he heard sporadic rail gun fire. Thankfully, no one was shooting at him, at least for the moment.

Hearing the reports from the weapons made him realize he should probably check his own rail carbine. He discovered the M61A3 was still attached to his single point sling. He pulled it up, dropped the quad stack magazine and pulled the charging handle back. It wouldn’t budge. He sat up and tried again, bracing the butt of the weapon against a chunk of black lava rock. It didn’t matter how hard he tried his weapon it was seized up tight. He flipped it over and saw a large piece of shrapnel embedded into the receiver.

As an enlisted soldier in the Republic Expeditionary Forces, the REF, he hadn’t been issued a sidearm. He cursed as he disconnected the weapon from the sling and tossed it aside. He would need a weapon if he was going to make it back to his unit alive…

If you would like the rest shoot me an email to join Reader Force Alpha.

mkmayner -at- gmail -dot- com

Thanks for stopping by.

The Crimson Pact

March 29, 2011

Paul Genesse has an interesting book series called the Crimson Pact. Basically demons are running amok among the metaverse. Each story in the anthology is set in a different world. Some may be fantasy, others contemporary and others Sci-Fi.

Right now they’re calling for flash fiction (less than 1000 words) submissions. Basically if they like your flash fiction they may ask for a short story. Think of the flash piece as an audition. So I just submitted one using characters from my current work in progress novel Magic Ink.

Wish me luck!

While you’re at it check it out, submit your own fiction or buy the ebook. It’s only five bucks. Oh and you know it has to be good since Larry Correia wrote a short story for it. πŸ˜€

I’ll be picking it up tonight and loading it on my Nook Color. I’ll write a review when I finish it. Right after everything else in my read pile. πŸ˜‰

I Got My First Rejection!

March 22, 2011

I submitted the following story Hank Iowa: Interstellar Public Relations, to Ray Gun Revival and was rejected. That’s okay, it’s not going to be the last. Oh I still recommend checking out the short stories on their site, they’re usually pretty good. I was surprised to receive direct feedback from the editor. I was expecting a simple form email saying in nice terms, “No thanks.”

I’m actually glad I got this rejection especially because of this feedback.

This story has good action, good storytelling, and good characters. Unfortunately, there are no real good guys to root for. I don’t care whether Iowa’s group is successful because they’re just as bad morally as their opponents.

The main character is neither likeable enough or enough of a rogue to be engaging.

Anyway since this story got rejected I might as well throw it up here and see what you guys think.

Hank Iowa: Interstellar Public Relations